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Thoughts and ideas from a consultant trying to improve the enterprise through better lean/agile principles, sensible design and pragmatic solutions.

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Business Capabilities - providing context

Objectives Define and explain what a business capability is and why the are useful Everyone has their own views and definitions based on their experience. I know very little about the marketing department and view it as one thing that does 'marketing'. This is very different from someone whos worked closely with marketing and understands…

Hamish KingHamish King

Adding a UI (prototype) to Model Simulations in EA

Following on from my previous post on creating and simulating state machines in Enterprise Architect (EA), I will walk through the process of adding a UI to prototype and further interactivity to your model. If you recall the previous article, I walked through the process of setting up ‘Triggers’ to run scenarios through your state machin…

Hamish KingHamish King

Project structure in Enterprise Architect

Getting the project structure right in EA is an important step to understanding how EA works and  makes the process of generating documentation a lot easier. Lets take a look at the standard project structure when we create a new EA project Select 'File' -> 'New Project' and enter a file name and location for your project Then select t…

Hamish KingHamish King